How to Clean Skateboard Bearings Using Tri-Flow

Most skate shops will generally clean your skateboard bearings for you if you ask them, but why not just learn how to do it yourself and save a little bit of time or read on thesportbro about bearings?

The method I am about to show your for cleaning your skateboard bearings is probably the most cost effective one out there.

Some people talk about using WD40 to clean their skateboard bearings, but this is probably the worst thing you can do for your bearings! Not only does WD40 leave behind remains but it is known to attract dirty and crud to your bearings. I can testify that using WD40 on my bearings killed them within a month.

What You Need

Mosey on over to your local hardware store and ask them if they have any Tri-Flow – chances are high that they will have some in stock. Buy the spray-on superior Tri-Flow lube that has the long nozzle on it so you can get into the bearings and lube them up really well. This stuff is around five dollars or less for a can in America.

Pick up some paper towels as well in case you don’t have any lying around the house, you will need them later!

Clean the Bearings

Take out each of your eight bearings and prepare them for cleaning. If you don’t know how to take out your bearings please see my other article entitled ‘How to Change Bearings on a Skateboard’.

Take off the shields to your bearings with something small like a pair of tweezers or a razor blade. They should pop right off, but be sure not to damage the inside of your bearings when doing this.

Next, set down some paper towels and take one of your bearings in your hand. With the Tri-Flow, spray your bearing down like you would hose down a car. Get into every small crack and crevice in there and spray it down.

When you feel like you have cleaned every part of the bearing you could possibly clean, lay it down on a paper towel and let it dry out. Do the same exact thing for all of your bearings and place them back into your wheels when you are finished.

Spin your wheels and you will notice your wheel now spins for much longer than it did before. Enjoy your freshly cleaned and lubricated bearings!

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